Patient Testimonials

"I was at a point in my life where painkillers were no longer effective in reducing my pain. This is when I decided I would seek an alternative method to try and relieve the pain in my body that was destroying my quality of life. I was referred to a chiropractor named Dr. Brennan by a close friend of mine. Upon meeting with Dr. Brennan I was immediately put at ease by his very personable bedside manner. After an initial consult and a series of x-rays, Dr. Brennan began his treatment on me. I could immediately tell that Dr. Brennan was very knowledgable in his chiropractic skills. As I was being treated he explained the possible causes of my pain and kept me very informed on why he was making the adjustments he made. Dr. Brennan takes his time with you as a patient and does not try to rush you in and out of your appointment. The best thing about my visit is the fact that I can feel the positive results of his treatments. Dr. Brennan has done something that painkillers and medical doctors were unable to do. He has cured my pain and given me back my quality of life."
–Mike S.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Brennan's for over 5 years now and I know a thing or two about chiropractors, having been to 5 chiropractors prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Brennan. He is by far the best chiropractor and best doctor I've ever been to because he listens and takes time with his patients and has tremendous skill at what he does. His technique (atlas orthagonal) is also one of the gentlest and most specific treatments I'd ever received--avoiding any neck twisting or spine twisting, which is ideal for a patient like me who doesn't like those aggressive maneuvers (always tensing up with other chiropractors who wanted to twist me in the past). He has worked on my mom, brother, and best friend getting results with all of them. I highly recommend Brennan Chiropractic because he is a genuine doctor who cares deeply for his patients and who spends the time to make sure his patients receive the best care for their particular needs."
–Ben C.

"Dr. Brennan was extremely knowledgable and he educates you before ever touching you. Very compassionate with excellent skills. Thank you Dr. Brennan!"
–Mark S.

"Dr. Brennan is a real find. Chiropractic care often gets overlooked, and I, for one, have learned its benefits in the hands of a specialist and exceptional Doctor. Dr. Brennan takes personal interest in not only your back, but in your life and provides care to improve your overall health. He was a tremendous help to me personally during a recent injury and I am grateful that someone like Dr. Brennan is available to serve."
–Cindy M.

“Dr. Curt Brennan has done an excellent job in removing pain in my back. I had been suffering eight years with back pain from several car accidents. I had been to two other Chiropractors and no relief. Dr. Curt took the time to show me where my back was out of place and explained why that was causing the pain. In a matter of a few adjustments pain is gone. I am now able to do activities that I thought I would never be able to do again. I have so much more energy to accomplish them. I would recommend Dr. Curt highly.”
–Mary W.

“Curt has done a great job "putting me back in shape". After going through a windshield in a car accident, crushing two disks during an airborne training excersize, and 12 years in the construction industry, Curt is the only doc to keep me getting out of bed in the morning without pain or stiffness. He knows his stuff.”
–Scott B.